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Arkansas Isn’t A “No Fault” Divorce State

All states offer some version of getting a divorce easily but in Arkansas you must sue your spouse to get a divorce.

There are specific grounds for divorce in Arkansas.  They are:

  1. When either party at the time of the marriage was, and still is, impotent;
  2. When either party shall be convicted of a felony or other infamous crime;
  3. When either party shall be (a) addicted to habitual drunkenness for 1 year, (b) be guilty of such cruel and barbarous treatment as to endanger the life of the other (c) offer such      indignities to the person of the other as shall render his or her condition intolerable.
  4. When either party shall have committed adultery subsequent to the marriage
  5. When husband and wife have lived separate and apart for 18 continuous months without cohabitation.
  6. When husband and wife have lived separate and apart for 3 years without cohabitation by reason of incurable insanity in one of them.
  7. When either spouse legally obligated to support the other, and having the ability to provide the other with the common necessaries of life, willfully fails to do so.

Most Arkansas divorces are sought under grounds 3(c) and in many counties in the state such a divorce can be obtained without either party appearing in court and within 45 days if both parties agree to all of the terms.

At Spears Law Office, we understand that marriages end and we strive to make the whole process as painless and efficient as possible.